Rachel's Bands

Eloise & Co.

Eloise & Co. features the combined creative force of two of the country’s most sought-after dance musicians, Becky Tracy and Rachel Bell. These two, sometimes playing as a duo and other times joined by various guest guitarists including Owen Morrison, Andrew VanNorstrand, and Bethany Waickman, crank out dance and concert music with unbridled energy and soaring beauty. Their depth and versatility is evident not only in their dynamic playing but also in their rich and unique repertoire, ranging from exciting original compositions to rock-solid traditional tunes. Eloise & Co. was born out of Becky and Rachel’s transcendent melodic connection, their shared love for powerful rhythmic momentum, and their joy in making music together. The blissful vibe is contagious, drawing everyone in the room into a sublime and memorable experience.

Becky: http://blackislemusic.com/bios-press-kit/becky-tracy


Photo by Casey Martin.

  • Becky Tracy: fiddle
  • Rachel Bell: accordion

Peregrine Road

Peregrine Road features two seasoned and versatile musicians who are quickly becoming known together as a power duo capable of an incredible range of styles. Karen Axelrod and Rachel Bell perform energetic Celtic reels, heartbreakingly beautiful waltzes, mesmerizing French village dance tunes, lively originals, elegant English country dance tunes, tasty blues riffs, and more. Outrageous travel stories and interesting tidbits about multicultural traditions add both an educational and entertaining dimension to each concert. 

Karen and Rachel are sought after for English country dances, contra dances, mostly waltz events, and French dances. They share a passion for crafting tunes and arrangements that are eminently danceable, with just the right mix of exquisite beauty and raw energy.

Peregrine Road web site...

Photo by Casey Martin.

  • Rachel Bell: accordion
  • Karen Axelrod: piano, accordion

Susan Kevra & Rachel Bell

Check back soon for information on Susan and Rachel’s musical adventures, and stay tuned for exciting updates on their dance and tune composition collaboration!

Photo by Stewart Dean.


Alchemy brings together three dynamic players steeped in traditional English Country Dance and Contra Dance music. Individually, they have performed across the United States, Canada, and Europe. As a trio, their improvisatory style brings a contemporary and innovative feel to both traditional and newly composed tunes and songs.  From driving Scottish Reels to French Mazurkas and everything in between, Alchemy delights the listener with heartfelt performances with a touch of whimsy.
Alchemy plays English country dances, contra dances, concerts, and more!

Photo by Kelly Kochis.

  • Karen Axelrod: piano & accordion
  • Eric Martin: violin, viola, vocals
  • Rachel Bell: accordion, vocals

Old World Charm School

Susan Kevra, Karen Axelrod, and Rachel Bell — known collectively as Old World Charm School — are equally at home playing contra dances, English country dances, French dances, and concerts, with Susan switching roles between caller and clarinetist/singer. In concert, the trio presents lively Quebecois songs, mesmerizing French village dance tunes, passionate waltzes, and exciting originals. In a dance setting, their music and calling strikes a delectable balance between energizing and idyllic. Best of all, these three simply love to play together, and that sense of joy and good humor is evident in every performance.

Old World Charm School web site...

Photo by Fred Park.

  • Rachel Bell: accordion, vocals
  • Susan Kevra: clarinet, vocals, dance caller
  • Karen Axelrod: piano, accordion


Seaglass is an exhilarating dance and concert band that combines the diverse talents of three seasoned and dynamic musicians. They have a unique, wide-ranging repertoire from classic New England contra dance tunes to French balfolk and English Country Dance music, weaving in roots-rock grooves and captivating improvisations. Their concert repertoire encompasses vocals that appeal to a wide audience, with everything from swing to cowboy songs. Seaglass has been received with great enthusiasm by dance and music communities ranging from the northeast all the way to California and even in Paris, France!

  • Rachel Bell: accordion
  • Andrew VanNorstrand: guitar
  • Eileen Nicholson: fiddle

Andrew and Noah Band

Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand have been bringing their brand of high-energy contemporary acoustic music to concert halls, festival stages, living rooms and dance floors across North America for several years. Both are accomplished singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists; focusing on twin fiddles, acoustic and electric guitars, tenor guitar, mandolin and banjo. Their original music is an organic, rootsy blend of old-time Country, Bluegrass and Americana, Celtic and Appalachian fiddling, Alternative Folk-Rock and vintage Swing, dance tunes from New England to New Orleans and various world music influences. In the fall of 2009 they formed the Andrew & Noah Band with Rachel Bell on accordion, Kevin Dorsey on bass, Dana Billings on drums and Kailyn Wright singing harmony vocals. The recent addition of Chris Miller has added saxophone and dobro to the mix as well. The group has developed a uniquely engaging sound that features intricate arrangements, explosive improvisation and deep, irresistible dance grooves.

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