Virtual Tip Jar: Peregrine Road

Released in 10062020

The “buy now” button is the virtual tip jar for Peregrine Road.┬áIf you donate, it’s helpful to us if you make a note on that your tip is associated with this specific event. Don’t be alarmed when you see “Crab Apple Jam Music” listed on the paypal button. Yep, that’s me!

We welcome donations, but we also welcome you to be here if you are unable to donate! We know that people are finding themselves in a variety of different financial situations during the pandemic. We’re glad you joined us tonight!


Alchemy: Turning of the Hour

By Alchemy. Released in 05012020

English Country dance tunes performed by:

Karen Axelrod: piano

Eric Martin: violin, viola, foot percussion

Rachel Bell, accordion

CD: $15 Shipping: $5

Please note that shipping may be more expensive on international orders or orders of multiple CDs, but, in that case, we will always check with you before shipping. Shipping outside the U.S. tends to be over $12.

Virtual Lessons

Released in 2020

Fun, inspiring lessons over Skype, Zoom, or your platform of choice.

Topics: Accordion, French tunes, composition skills, ensemble exploration, and more! Feel free to make requests. Email for details.


Eloise & Co.: More, Please!

By Eloise & Co. w/Andrew VanNorstrand on guitar. Released in 2018

Listen to samples!

In the spring of 2017, Becky and Rachel set out to record a short EP, just a sampling of five tracks to introduce the Eloise & Co. sound to the world. By the winter of 2017, they were ready to release the EP, but they were having so much fun with the recording process that they decided to keep going and create a full album! So here it is! Eloise & Co.: “More, please!” was released in July 2018. The band’s debut album features intense reels, sweet waltzes, French groove tunes, lots of originals, and two vocal tracks!

$15 plus $3 shipping. Shipping may cost more for customers outside the U.S.


Tone Chamber

By Rachel Bell. Released in 2016

Traditional music with a contemporary twist, drawing from French, Celtic, contra dance, and English influences and performed on accordion, fiddle, piano, mandolin, clarinet, and guitar.

$15 plus $3 shipping. Shipping may cost more for customers outside the U.S.